Balsamic Vinegar


Enjoy Traditional Flavours You’ve Always Dreamed Of


Balsamic vinegar has become all the rage in Canada, thanks to creative chefs at upscale restaurants. It is difficult to believe that this robust product of the vine has only come to be appreciated within the last two decades in Canada, when Italians have been enjoying it for centuries.


The rich, slightly sweet flavor of balsamic vinegar readily lends itself to vinaigrette dressings, gourmet sauces, and brings out the sweetness of fresh fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, and peaches. Balsamic vinegar also has the same Health Benefits as red wine!


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White Balsamic – Still fruity, but less sweet than regular balsamic, used in cooking were the chef does not want to change the colour in the dish.


Balsamic Vinegar – The traditional favourite. Sweet and sour, low acidity (5%). Mellow, with a slight fig flavour.


Balsamic Reduction – Reduced to a thick syrup, this vinegar is full bodied and delicious. Chocolate and prune flavours. As soon as a chef uses it, they will wonder why they wasted their time standing over a pan stirring their own balsamic reduction.

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